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il lago d'orta, the most romantic of italian lakes il pių romantico dei laghi italiani


Lake Orta Tour (cycle route)

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italian lakes maggiore garda orta

lake orta



This ride around Lake Orta is for many cyclists the ride par excellence, as it offers the right mix between athleticism and beautiful landscapes.


As starting point we choose the Gramsci Lakeside Road in Omegna. Pass in front of the town hall and turn right immediately, still cycling alongside the lake; a few hundred metres on, the hospital and uphill entrance to the regional road leading to Lake Orta. Taking the Via Novara you will get to Borca, hamlet of Omegna, in around a kilometre. As references there is a petrol station on the right and, a few hundred metres on, a stop sign where you need to pay particular attention to the vehicles exiting the tunnel bypassing Omegna. Pass the stop, leave the large roundabout on the left and continue south with the lake always on your left. At the beginning of the long straight that runs alongside the Domodossola-Novara railway line there is a sign delimiting the two provinces of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Novara. Punta di Crabbia is around two and a half kilometres away followed by Pettenasco. A long straight crosses the village, passing in front of its beautiful Romanesque church, up to a hotel complex and another series of flat bends leading to the foot of the first climb: a gentle 500 metre climb of around 3% that ends at the Orta San Giulio roundabout. Those treating this ride more as a tourist than cyclist must turn right towards this renowned location, its famous island and sacred mountain. Whereas those more interested in the athletic aspect, go straight on at the roundabout continuing downhill with a series of bends and a couple of flat kilometres until they reach the Miami Beach, beach situated in a splendid bay of the lake. Another series of bends close to the lake lead to the foot of the hardest climb of the entire ride: the Buccione climb (from the tower by the same name that overlooks it), reaching the end out of breath, so much so that another three hundred metres of very slight uphill slope are necessary to really catch your breath. This brings you into the built-up area of Gozzano. After a wide slightly downhill bend there is a roundabout: straight on leads to Borgomanero and Novara; turn right towards San Maurizio d’Opaglio. Pass in front of the entrance to the ex textile factory and there are another two roundabouts: leave the first on your left and turn right at the second. There is a sports ground on the left and then a good hundred metres of flat road amongst ancient dry stone walls, at the end of which, on a light climb, there is the capital of the tap: San Maurizio d’Opaglio. The classic ride crosses San Maurizio passing a few roundabouts, a set of lights, another roundabout and a gentle climb to the Giacomini plants and roundabout for Alzo-Pella. The climb leads to Alzo, the other half of the commune of Alzo-Pella, once again in the province of Novara. Crossing the village does not take more than a couple of minutes leading into the Plėn Valley (in local dialect, Pellino in Italian). Many say that this is the most misleading stretch of the entire ride: the eyes do not see what the legs and breath are feeling, that is a constant and gentle climb that never seems to come to an end. Even if it is only 2% for not more than a couple of kilometres, at the end of which flat once again and then a slight climb to Cesara (we are once again in VCO). From here downhill, flat and last three hundred metres climb to Nonio, then downhill at full speed towards Brolo (village of the cats) and Omegna, with hairpin bend is overhanging (so to speak) the lake and a splendid view over the city.