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il lago d'orta, the most romantic of italian lakes il più romantico dei laghi italiani


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Whoever chooses to stay at the lake will find an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing, far from the chaos of the cities and the unpleasant "stress of daily life" a restful place with clean air, healthy activities and the opportunity to rediscover nature.


The plant life around the lake Orta is typical of a mild climate: palm, mimosa and olive trees. A bit higher up are rich chestnut forests, a source of nourishment for the local population in past times, as well as ash, maple and robinia. Above 500 - 600 meters on the cooler slopes there are beech forests, while on the sunnier slopes, oak and birch trees flourish. There are many possibilities to follow foot paths that lead from the towns and villages through the forests up the hills and mountains (for informations: Comunità Montana Cusio Mottarone, e Comunità Montana dello Strona e Basso Toce ).

Here are a few tips for short excursions. From the west bank of Lake Orta you can climb to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, built between 1730 and 1748, which stands on an immense granite outcropping. Its large courtyard offers a stupendous view of the lake and the hills sorrounding it, the Ossola mountains, and, further away, the Ligurian Appenines as well as Milan.

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Or, after arriving in Omegna, climb toward the Valle Strona where you will find, among new and fascinating attractions, the village of Campello Monti, founded by the German-speaking alpine settles, the Walser, or Forno with its museums of religious garments and woodworking. The Mottarone (height 1385 m.) which divides Lake Maggiore from Lake Orta is equipped with lifts for winter sports. On clear days it offers a charming view of seven lakes, Monte Rosa and the chain of the Alps. It is advisable to take the funicular railway from Stresa (tel. ++39-0323-30399) at Lake Maggiore, on which you can take your mountain bike up to the summit (18 minutes journey) and descend from the summit towards the slopes of Lake Orta. The funicular makes an intermediate stop at the "Alpine Botanical Garden" near the village of Gignese. Lovers of water sports will find places to swim in Lake Orta and in the swimming pool of the Centro Sportivo Comunale of Omegna and another pool in Pisogno, as well as scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and water skiing.
Fishermen can enjoy their sport in the vicinity of Omegna at the Laghetto di Bonte Bria and on the west bank of the Laghetti di Nonio. There are many fishing clubs in the area        
There are a number of riding stables at Lake Orta, in Miasino, Egro and Invorio, some of which offer riding courses at various levels.
Golf Club Alpino a Gignese, fr. Vezzo.
Golf Club Des Iles Borromées a Brovello Carpugnino Loc. Motta Rossa.

gif-new.gif (1002 byte) Cooking Classes on lake Orta