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il lago d'orta, the most romantic of italian lakes il più romantico dei laghi italiani


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point_g.gif (863 byte) Visit the Sacro Monte of Orta in the World Heritage List safeguarded by UNESCO
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Brief portrait:
The area around Lake Orta has long been a favorite tourists, thanks to the quiet beauty of the landscape, its fascinating history and its wealth of artistic treasures - principally Romanesque and Baroque architecture.

Lake Orta lies to the west of Lake Maggiore, in the northern Italy. It is a minor star in the costellation of the subalpine lakes, but all the fascination and the history of the larger lakes seem to be concentrated in this short space.

From The Independent: Lake Orta, one of the smallest and least-known of northern Italy's sub-Alpine lakes, is a place for sublime moments. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who visited the lake in May 1882 and believed that the experience changed his life forever, inscribed the date "von Orta an" ("from Orta onwards") as a preface to his masterpiece Thus Spake Zarathustra. Other 19th-century writers enchanted by its quiet beauty include the French novelist Honoré de Balzac, who wrote rapturously of this "grey pearl in a green jewel-box", and Robert Browning. His poem "By the Fireside", which contemplates the beauty of a setting where "Alp meets heaven in snow", describes the lakeside village of Pella as a luminous "speck of white... in the evening-glow".

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Island of San Giulio©by M.Mombello & A.Mula

piantina_ortasmall_h.jpg (4318 byte) point_g.gif (863 byte) Tourist Map of Orta San Giulio. What to see & where. The street's names and all the usuful places for a tourist.
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point_g.gif (863 byte)L.Marshall: Orta is a place of mists and devotion. Morning mists come with the territory: this little jewel, just eight miles long and less than two wide, is the only one of the Italian lakes entirely in Piedmont. The devotion is figured plainly in the 20 small chapels of the Sacro Monte above Orta San Giulio, with their stirring and educational tableaux ... continue

lago d'orta webcam

Orta S. Giulio webcam click here

lake orta's webcam

Lake Orta's webcam click here

point_g.gif (863 byte)A walk through the peninsula of Orta San Giulio, away from paved road. From the main square, following the shore, visiting the Sacro Monte, listening the "voice of dead".


point_g.gif (863 byte) The wonderful ambone in the Basilica of San Giulio, with its mysterious medioeval symbolism.

point_g.gif (863 byte)The Sacro Monte of Orta is located within a historical parc, nowadays a nature reserve, of 13 hectares and comprises 21 votive chapels dating back to the end of the XVIth and the XVIIIth centuries with frescoes and sculptures of terra cotta narrating the life of San Francesco of Assisi. Sacro Monte d'Orta is in the World Heritage List safeguarded by UNESCO (more)

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the ambone
the ambone

 A journey through old postacards of Orta San Giulio (it)

point_g.gif (863 byte) (curiosity)The oldest document in Italy where it's indicated precisely the existence of a legal provision for witchcraft is reported in Orta. This is the "Consilium" that Bartolo Sassoferrato (1313-1357) sent to the Bishop of Novara, Giovanni de Plotis, and to the Inquisitor of that city, perplexed by the penalty to be imposed on a Orta San Giulio's woman arrested and prosecuted because accused of witchcraft. The burning of the alleged witch was in 1340. Obviously, she is not the first witch to be persecuted in Italy, but certainly the first of witches with some documented information, even if we do not know her name, and we refers to her simply as the "Orta's Witch"


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