introduced by richard bagot

Il lago d'Orta from "The italian lakes" by Richard Bagot

It's surely the most famous and reprinted guide of the lakes of northern italy. From  1905 this book has been reprinted several times, until the 1925 about. Some editions were decorated with the beautiful plates painted by ella du cane, others simply with illustrations in black and white.

bagot: italian lakes

We decided to extract the chapter about lake orta and pubblish it on the web for some reasons.
The charming sight of British travelers especially discovering some italian places.
Undoubtedly the lake orta among all the others Italian lakes remained the most unchanged ( specially Orta San Giulio, the most attractive place since the "nineteenth-century tourism" discover this lake, a very late discovery if we compare this lake to the Maggiore or Garda and Como, and probably this is one of the reasons of his conservation).

Now take 10 minutes and let's start reading hoping you find the same our pleasure.